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Black Duck Hub - Open Source Security

Find and fix open source vulnerabilities before, during, and after development.

You would be using a large number of software’s and some of them may be homegrown our developed through outsourced partners. There would be a possibility that your suppliers or your developers would be using some FOSS. The same may have been documented. However has anyone checked these OSS components for security and compliance risks? Are you aware of the bill of material in the software code which you are using?

As a process organizations document all the components used by them, which is a manual process. This could result in oversight and some components being missed out. They may document the same but there are chances that the security team may not have checked all the components for security vulnerabilities. These security vulnerabilities would expose the software risks.

Black Duck Software helps the world's most innovative companies streamline, safeguard, and manage their use of open source software. Open source software is revolutionizing technology by enabling companies to speed development, reduce costs, increase innovation, and improve efficiency

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