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Mahindra SSG is India’s leading corporate security risk consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage.

Our main objective and purpose is to protect customer’s information assets and minimize losses due to an enterprise’s deviations from good governance. Having 20 years of experience in risk consulting we have enabled more than 600+ clients to secure their people, assets, information and reputation across the world.

MSSG is driven by its distinctive ‘People-Centric’ and ‘Outcome-Oriented’ approach which is endorsed by clients across scores of implementations. We operate with a unique methodology that seeks to integrate People, Process and Technology. Across the world, corporate risk landscape in the world has gone through paradigm shifts and MSSG partners with clients to de-risk their businesses from the new and emerging forces of risk.

How We Help Client Mitigate Risk

We help our client’s mitigate risk in the following manner:

  • Assessment of risk exposure that the organization has in terms of physical, personnel and information assets.
  • Formulate and implement a de-risking strategy that hardens the organization across Physical locations, Technology, Processes and the Personnel (including those who man them)
  • Changing the “People-Culture” and increasing their participation in the Risk Mitigation program.
  • Providing an ‘embedded’ team that will ensure implementation and sustenance of the security initiatives.
  • Ensuring an optimal TCO not only across the project phase but also in the sustenance phase and when the initiative becomes a part of the BAU and the organizational fabric.
  • We are able to deliver the above through domain

    Experts, certified professionals across the security domains.

  • Our team of consultants will dive deep in to the problem statements and areas and develop a holistic understanding of the situation and then provide a strategy and mitigation steps which are completely aligned to the business goals , culture and work ethos in the organization.
  • The above paradigm agnostic to all our service lines

    • Management Systems and Compliance
    • Cybersecurity Services
    • Physical & Electronics Security
    • Business Intelligence & Forensics

    The manifestation of the delivery will change but the basic tenets of our approach shall stay constant.

    This enables us to maintain consistency in our approach and help deliver results as per the planned outcomes. Our team has certifications including CISM, CISA, CISSP, OSCP, ISO Lead Auditors and Implementers, OSHAS.


Our consultants of all grades hold key professional and industry certifications to assist you in improving the security posture of your organization.

MSSG Story

2002 2003 2008 Mahindra Special Services Group is
carved out of Mahindra Consulting a
strategic Security and Risk Consulting
unit within Mahindra & Mahindra
2003 – 2007 MSSG establishes the Discovery
Approach to Assessment of Organization risk. Similar
to conducting a VAPT on the entire organization from
the eyes and motives of a rank outsider, attacker.This
was a unique FIRST proprietary offering by MSSG in
the security industry. The Discovery Engagement is
followed by the WarGame – scenario building exercise
and concluded with the Project Sign Up with the client.
2008 – MSSG continues with the proprietary
service delivery model and adds Physical Security
as a practice to its repertoire of services and
acquires clients in the Hospitality, Realty and
Industrial Green Field and Brown field projects.
Invests in state of the art electronic counter
surveillance equipment and augments this service
offering as well.

Rise Pillars

Rise gives our brand meaning and purpose. It instills an ambition and attitude that we can achieve whatever we set out minds to. It declares who we are, how we operate, what we believe in, and our collective aspiration to be a globally admired brand.


We will think big and look beyond conventional boundaries. We will encourage our people to be adaptable and agile, benchmark beyond global best in class, and take well-reasoned risks to deliver breakthrough products, services and solutions for our customers.


We will apply alternative thinking and new approaches in our everyday work-life. We will seek out fresh, diverse perspectives and reward those who deliver alternative thinking. We will direct our intellect towards customer - focused innovation and will use our ingenuity to add value to our stakeholders.


We will deeply understand the needs of our customers and offer them quality products and services that will not only delight them, but improve and transform their lives. We will put our customers at the centre of our business and build strong relationships with them. We will act with the highest standards of integrity. We will strive to bring about positive change in our own lives, and enable our customers and communities to Rise.