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Oil and Gas Sector is the most attractive target

Today’s hyper-connected world is very susceptible to cyberattacks and industries are more and more taking measures to bulwark their systems and data. The oil and gas industry is not any exception.

Oil and gas is a major industry supporting the global economy as both still remain the primary sources of energy for industrialized and developing economies of the world. Being amongst the largest, valuable, and most powerful organizations in the world, the oil, and gas industry is also the most attractive target for growing global terrorism and cyberattacks on its network and information assets.


Across industries, companies have been accelerating the countermeasures as well as intensifying the focus on cyber security. This has come as a reflection of the role that digitization plays in daily business and operation. The oil and gas industry is not an exception. While the benefits of digitization are overwhelming, it has its own ill-effects which contributes to the increased risk of cyber security attacks.

The internet facilities on an Offshore infrastructure, dynamic positioning navigation, GPS systems onboard – all these come with vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber criminals with the intent on causing operational disruptions, financial loss, reputational damage, etc.

Over the years, there have been many cyber security attacks on the offshore oil and gas sector which includes, malware-infected platforms, industrial control systems being hacked. There have been also attacks that are related to insider misuse, miscellaneous errors, cyber espionage, and other physical security threats.

Industry Updates

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Challenges faced by the Cyber Security Professionals during Covid

Case Study

Challenges faced by the Cyber Security Professionals during Covid
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