Business Intelligence
and Forensics

Protecting Businesses from Fraud,
Bribery and Misconduct


The pace and scope of globalization along with the growing opportunities, presented by emerging markets, have redefined investment strategies and aspirations of many investors and multinational organizations. However, every business faces critical threats and some of them can develop into crises, if the risks are not identified and mitigated before a transaction is completed or a relationship is established.

Business risks are mostly quantitatively defined and measured, and often one fails to understand and analyse the qualitative side. Numbers alone may not reveal the exact story and often qualitative aspects are overlooked while parties concentrate more on what is disclosed. The various risk involved can range from weak due diligence, integration shortfalls, lack of communication and transparency to anything that eyes cannot meet. Understanding what a business relationship is truly worth can eventually assist you in taking that known and calculative risk for the right reasons.

Forensic Due Diligence

The due diligence stage is an essential element of a successful commercial transaction. Before buying a business, it’s advisable to conduct a due diligence investigation on that business. Doing so will not only make the purchasing process more manageable and cost-effective in the long run, but it will also identify any aspects of the business that need attention presale. Because the investigation itself may be overwhelming and time-consuming, it is also advisable to engage the services of experts to assist.

MSSG’s forensic due diligence service encompasses standard and case-specific checks at the corporate and individual level to identify fraud risks emerging out of any existing or proposed engagement with an external entity; be it a joint venture, acquisition, merger, or a partnership. Detailed information is collected from various resources such as regulatory, legal, financial, media, and public domain. We provide companies with a comprehensive suite of due diligence and business intelligence solutions so they can better protect their investments and make critical business decisions with confidence.

Our multifaceted team of industry experts, forensic analysts, intelligence experts, and on-the-ground sources gathers market intelligence through trusted sources to depict real-time status. We take a closer look at potential deal ‘Makers or Breakers’ to effectively manage the areas of risk to ensure an intelligent and informed business decision.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s business and tactical decisions. It helps organizations to gain deep visibility into their business processes which rectifies errors, mitigate threats, and improve efficiency.

MSSG’s Business Intelligence service comprises of identifying and assessing the fraud risks that may exist in each process through understanding the business with respect to people, process and technology and recommendation of appropriate framework of Anti-Fraud controls to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

MSSG team conducts manual and automated data analytics to identify the suspicious patterns and trends which further assist in identifying existing and emerging threats, their impact and probability of occurrence. Our services assist in ensuring that the residual risks are kept at appropriate levels by reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of implemented controls.

Brand Protection and Market intelligence

Having a strong brand provides a way for the customers to identify the business, and to refer products or services to others. Like any valuable asset, a brand should be protected. Failure to protect the brand may reduce its value, and could damage the business reputation.

MSSG assists in brand protection of the business by ascertaining the gravity and scale of the problem and spotting key players in illegal trade. Our team of experts conducts intensive market research to help protect your brand from fraud, counterfeiting, infringement (of IP, patents, and copyright), and associated risks by evaluating and benchmarking your current exposure to these risks.

We also assist in the development of a long term brand protection and retention strategy by proactively evaluating our clients’ manufacturing to retail supply chain, including third party providers; we can identify vulnerabilities, develop early warning systems, and design and implement compliance training programs.

Incident Investigation

Fraud incidents taking place in a business not only affects the financial condition of a business but also hampers its goodwill or reputation in the long run. Fraud incidents may take place in the form of employee dishonesty, asset misappropriation, bribery/favouritism/kickbacks, skip traces, forming of a shell company, email frauds, information theft, job scams amongst others.

We at MSSG conduct a structured and methodical investigation exercise to get to the roots of a specific fraudulent incident. This involves the application of automated and manual investigation techniques such as cyber and IT forensics, risk profiling, asset tracing and mystery shopping. MSSG experts gather necessary direct/circumstantial pieces of evidence to build a case against the perpetrator/s and take exercise to a logical conclusion.

Whistle Blower Management

Whistleblowing is of much importance when it comes to directly protect the organization from wrongdoings such as fraud and misconduct. It plays a crucial role in supporting ethical values in an organization. Having a whistle blower mechanism placed in an organization encourages employees to report suspicious incidents fearlessly.

MSSG assists organizations in creating and developing whistle blower policy. MSSG ethics center creates and maintains various dedicated reporting channels such as a web portal, telephonic hotline (multilingual support), and ethics e-mail ID provisioned to report whistle blower complaints. The reporting channels are managed by trained professionals who also assess the reported complaints at a primary level and provide updates to the governance committee.

We assist in creating customized content for user training and awareness. We also specialize in conducting awareness sessions for key business stakeholders.

Business Process Audit

A business process audit aims at assessing whether the organization is managing its business processes, taking into account the strategic objectives of the organization, the specific goals, and suitable procedures. It promotes more transparency and corporate governance, bringing benefits such as always having current and reliable information on how the processes are running and performing.

We at MSSG assist in conducting a detailed audit of existing business processes to understand in-depth gaps and vulnerabilities and recommend adequate controls. Our dedicated and trained team of professionals identify the inherent vulnerabilities in the system which are being exploited currently and those which have the potential to be exploited. We present our report highlighting the gaps in the processes and recommending the significant areas of Improvement.

Digital Forensics

The majority of organizations rely deeply on digital devices and the Internet to operate and improve their business, and these businesses depend on digital devices to process, store and recover data. A large amount of information is produced, accumulated, and distributed via electronic means. Since digital devices are vulnerable to attack by criminals, digital forensics is increasing in importance.

MSSG has a dedicated Forensic Technology lab comprising of advanced hardware and software which enables acquisition and preserve evidence from digital media as per the procedures mentioned in the IT act and which are accepted in the court of law. The forensic tools help establish whether evidence has been deleted or modified; recover deleted data; analysis of the sequence of events to prove inappropriate or illegal activity. Our key services include:

  • Disk Forensics: Imaging, extraction, analysis, and recovery of data that resides in every sector of the disk.
  • Mobile Forensics: Forensic analysis of smartphones (Android, iPhone, and Windows-based phones).
  • Network Forensics: Identification, investigation of suspicious network activities, and providing security and prevention from every malicious attack.
  • Malware Analysis: Analysis and prevention of all malware-based threats particularly financial malware.
  • Incident Response & Live Forensics: Attack mitigation, evidence collection, and preservation from the crime scene and forensic analysis of the live system.
  • DataBase Forensic: Identification, collection, preservation, and analysis of big databases like SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle, etc.
  • Audio/video authentication & analysis Wireless Forensics & Location-based Analysis
Embedded Due Diligence

Many organizations face business vulnerabilities as exploited by their employees to take undue personal and monetary favours impacting business and tarnishing company and brand image.

We at MSSG offer services of deployment of an onsite resource (embedded resource model) for understanding the loopholes in the business processes and in turn finding pieces of evidence against the employees who are involved in exploiting the loopholes with the intent of making personal monetary favours. By conducting this activity, MSSG also provides recommendations to the organization in strengthening its business processes.

Forensic Lab Set-Up

The increase in the level of cybercrime cases has necessitated a demand for a dedicated investigating environment. Many organizations including government enterprises have their own digital forensic lab set up managed by digital forensic specialists. A fully equipped cyber lab serves in undertaking and investigating the entire range of digital forensic cases.

MSSG offers and assists in the setup of a dedicated forensic lab which comprises essential and advanced components, hardware devices, and software applications. The forensic lab set up services ranges from a basic setup to advanced setup, depending on the requirements of the organization. MSSG also offers training services in the setup and installation of a digital forensic lab.

Basic set up requirements:

  • Imaging tool
  • Data recovery and analysis software
  • Workstation – specifications (i7 6th Gen processor, RAM – 16 GB to 32 GB, HDD-1 TB, Graphics card)
  • Mobile forensic tools
  • E-mail forensics
  • Password recovery and data encryption tools
  • Others- Printer, Digital Camera & Write Blocker

Advanced set up requirements: Apart from the basic set up requirements, so

  • Audio-video forensic tools
  • Workstation – configured with large capacity hardware devices

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