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Along with the growth of business and swift expansion of operations, there has been an increasing demand for streamlining the systems and compliance management process, building underlying controls and mitigating risk effectively.

Taking an innovative approach to manage and enhancing your governance, risk and compliance activities can help you seize opportunities, stay ahead of uncertainty and meet stakeholder expectations.

MSSG Management Systems and Compliance team can help you drive business performance and achieve success. We can transform how you perceive—and capitalize on—risk.

We address key challenges faced by the organizations:

  • Incognizance of systems, law and compliances
  • Gap in roles and responsibilities
  • Non-standardised reporting mechanism
  • Tracking of regulatory changes
  • Ineffective underlying controls of existing compliances
  • Lack of data centralisation
  • Risk of non-compliances resulting in reputational, fraud and financial risk
  • Monitoring of compliance due dates
  • Process and operational inefficiencies

Our capabilities include:

Information Security Management System

Information is a core asset that must be protected. Our clients’ trust in MSSG depends significantly on their confidence in the way we handle their data. We follow a systematic business risk approach, to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and improve information security. We map out the organization's risk profile analysing business processes, technology infrastructure and people awareness level. Based on the risk profile, our team designs the Information Security Framework, which will consist of policies, procedures and necessary controls to reduce the risk exposure of the organization.:

Information Technology Service Management

As technology becomes integral to nearly every business, companies are looking for ways to incorporate IT service into overall business needs. ITSM helps businesses build structure around the lifecycle of IT services, from creation to management and upkeep. Mahindra special services group experts realise and recognise that importance of IT service delivery and governance objective plays an important role in organisation progress path. Digital and Digitisation are the key management objectives and our experts advise how best the digital journey synchronises with the internal IT Service objectives through ITSMS.

MSSG’s Key ITSMS Activities includes:

  • Gap Assessment
  • Organisation Setup
  • Documentation
  • SLA and KPI
  • Manual or Tool Implementation
  • Training
  • Internal Audits
  • Certificate Assistance
  • Surveillance Assistance
Business Continuity Management System

We assist organisations in their business continuity planning as well as in the development of a robust Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), review of their Disaster Recovery systems (DR), their maturity assessment, Sustenance and certification. Business Continuity, Business Resilience, Disaster Management, Crisis Management, Cyber Crisis Management and Cyber Resilience are parts and other names used in same parlance. MSSG Business Continuity approach exceeds the traditional disruptions like Fire, Earthquake, Flood, Terrorism and in the world of interconnected economies included the new repetitive threats like Cyberattacks, Sponsored Terrorism, Network Blackouts, Sponsored Social Media Bullying, Currency Fluctuations, International relations among the services and hardware suppliers and receivers countries.

We focus on helping clients to reduce the effects of an incident, re-establish operations, and deliver key business services in the aftermath of a disruptive event to make their continuity planning effective. Our services include:

  • Risk, business impact, and requirements analysis
  • Framing strategy, governance, and policy
  • Designing, building, implementing and testing business continuity procedures including workspace recovery design and sourcing, software selection, plan development, and lifecycle management
  • Generating awareness, training, and conducting health-checks and reviews

With the rapid growth of business and swift expansion of operations, there has been an increasing demand for streamlining the compliance management process, building underlying controls and mitigating risk effectively.

MSSG’s security risk consulting professionals help organizations operationalize risk and compliance efforts and gain a competitive advantage by applying a risk lens to their overall business strategy. As a CERT-IN empanelled company, we help organizations develop, evaluate and/or implement compliance systems. We determine the legal and regulatory requirements, develop and/or assess compliance procedures, outline compliance functions, define the compliance perimeter and conduct employee training.

MSSG’s Key Assurance Activities includes:

  • Understanding of Organisation
  • Understanding of control requirements
  • Security Incident Investigation
  • Mapping to industry practices
  • Verification of existing controls
  • Alignment with management thoughts
  • Reporting
  • Improvement Road Map
Managed Security Services

Taking steps to meet your legal obligations might MSSG’s Key MISS Activities includes: seem like a management no-brainer, but only fulfilling only your minimum requirements might result in missed opportunities. Understanding the reasons for the various rules, laws and regulations that govern your business will help you take advantage of any benefits they offer while ensuring you stay in compliance at all times. Hence, Sustenance of the achieved compliance status is important in order to take the process improvement efforts to additional heights and reap rich benefits from the same. Without a clear sustenance plan, it would be difficult to maintain the rigor of process improvement. This may even result in the degradation of practices over a period of time.

Here, MSSG helps organizations not only achieve the compliance standard certification but also helps them in the sustenance of the same. Dedicated deployed resource ensures that all sustenance activities happen on its required frequency whether daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The solution aims to deploy capable experienced resources within the organization. The one who not only understands the organization's DNA but the one who works together as a team to contribute to the overall growth and success of the organization. The resource may be nominated as outsourced ISO, CISO or an IS manager or Coordinator reporting to CISO or CIO. The onsite deployed resources can manage activities of more than one management system giving organizations an economic option to extract the best output without adding to their capital cost.

MSSG’s Key MISS Activities includes:

  • Policy and Procedures Review
  • Data Classification Reviews
  • Risk Management Reviews
  • Management Review
  • Internal Audits
  • Certification Audits Assistance
  • IS Incident Management
  • Effectiveness Metrics
  • Training and Awareness
  • Governance and Reporting
  • Business Impact Assessments
  • Business Continuity Strategy Review
  • Recovery Plans Review
  • Conducting BCP Drills & Testing
  • Training
  • KPI collections
  • SLA Assurance
  • Outsourced Service Audits


  • Clearly defined compliance culture focused on embedding and influencing core behaviours
  • Compliance programme and activities driven by and focused on organisational values and strategies
  • Clarity on who is accountable for compliance across the business, with clear and established allocation of compliance responsibilities throughout the organisation
  • Proportionate and risk-driven compliance programmes
  • Enhanced oversight across the business through a robust mechanism to provide timely and accurate ‘state of compliance’
  • Balanced and risk-focused assurance activities across the business
  • Competitive advantage, affording you to exploit business opportunities with confidence
  • Support from the business through the simplicity of compliance requirements and measures
  • Sustainable and demonstrable compliance activities enabling transparent and effective stakeholder management

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