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Physical security risks can have a significant impact on your organization’s ability to safeguard confidential information, secure locations, and even employees themselves. Today, organisations more often than not plan to mitigate digital threats but are not adequately prepared for the physical security threats that they are exposed to. These threats can emanate from multiple sources and can even be a spillover from incidents or occurrences in other organisations. They are different from day-to-day threats and the nature and magnitude of impact often have larger repercussions on organisations and their people.

Physical threats to an organization can range from natural disasters, violence, and crime to health and safety. They can be internal such as fires, workplace violence, and misplacement of sensitive data by employees, or external such as natural disasters, thefts, or utility outages hence organizations need to be ready to combat such risks to stay ahead in business.

Any lapse in security management can lead to loss of reputation, money and competitive advantage along with added legal and regulatory burden hampering the overall business transformation process.


Our physical & electronic security services offer global resources and expertise to provide your organization with a comprehensive security risk cover. Our security management and consulting services are consistently and successfully supporting governments, corporates, and other businesses across the world in the improvement of their physical security posture.

Our team consists of Ex-Armed Forces Officers, having Years of experience in providing specialized security services that will help your organization mitigate physical risks and threats. Our unique ability lies in carefully identifying threats and developing counter-strategies that are specific to your industry.

Some of the industries MSSG is currently engaged with and is supporting to improve their physical security posture are:

  • Critical assets like Oil & Gas,
  • Aviation, and Fertiliser.
  • Manufacturing including
  • Mines & Smelters, Steel, Zinc, Cement etc.
  • Power Plants (Captive and Generating).
  • Banking, NBFC.
  • Hospitality including resorts.
  • Offices – Corporate & Mixed Use (Retail, entertainment & offices)
  • Residential
  • Healthcare
  • Pharma
  • SEZ
  • Education and many more
Security Vulnerability Assessment

MSSG realizes that a detailed Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is the bedrock of the physical security of any organization or asset. Threat Identification is therefore a critical aspect of the SVA and the first step of assessing the threat cannot be missed or ignored howsoever minor it may seem to be. Threat Identification critically analyses the aspects of internal and external environment of the organisation which includes:

  • Geography
  • Demography
  • Political
  • Social
  • Nature (Flood or Earthquake prone area)
  • NCRB data of the area
  • Crime data (local police station)
  • Incident history of organisation/asset
  • Any labour unrest history
  • Criticality of the asset
  • Discussion with stakeholders

We can help you create a robust security environment by systematically assessing the security vulnerability of your organization, followed by developing a scientific predictive risk matrix. On the basis of this risk matrix we provide you with actionable recommendations to negate the existing and future threats to your organisations People, Infrastructure & Assets.

Security System Design

A well-structured security system design and implementation is key to a responsive and well-prepared organization, enabling to defend itself from the emerging threats and risks. Starting with an assessment to gain a thorough understanding of your business, operations, and facilities, this helps us identify and isolate the security concerns, issues, threats and vulnerabilities of your organization.

MSSG has been designing large-scale integrated security systems, upgrading an existing security system, designing a system for new construction, or plan the implementation of a multi-facility enterprise-level system, our security design experts can ensure that your facility is ready to meet a myriad of security challenges.

MSSG security planning philosophy is embedded in designing comprehensive security programs for our clients across a multitude of industries. In our approach, we balance the three basic elements of security: architecture, operations and electronic systems.

Managed Security Services

MSSG offers Managed Security Service (MSS) for businesses and corporates so that the organization can focus on other critical business transformation needs, while we as a trusted partner support in securing organizations People, Infrastructure and Assets.

The traditional way of protecting assets with security guards, access control, and video surveillance systems can be further enhanced by the adoption of MSS. Outsourcing security operations provide access to experienced security skills, tools, and processes that MSSG offers which will significantly enhance the organization's security posture without making a large investment in technology and resources.

MSSG provides integrated physical security solutions with a suitable interface to help the user manage aspects of physical security from a dashboard while leaving the heavy-duty operation and management to physical security specialists. MSS offered by MSSG applies the service delivery method to lower costs for the vital physical security needs. It combines smart technologies into a service system that drives

company security toward the economic transformation of business models with improved flexibility and convenience.

Organizations can even take a phased route by deploying experts as CSO (Chief Security Officer) or NSO (Nodal Security Officer) to manage the complete physical security of their office/building/production locations. The CSO / NSO not only manages the physical security but also helps the organization in identifying gaps in the existing security and recommends improvement(s) and aligning the physical security management to the MSSG approach of People, Process & Technology.

Security System Integration

MSSG has undertaken system integration projects of all sizes and scopes, so whether you need security system integration for a corporate office or retail store, an enterprise solution for multiple manufacturing buildings, or a complex integration for a stadium, university, hospital, or corporate campus, we provide effective results with custom-tailored system integration solutions.

Our expertise lies in designing and implementing a scalable integrated security solution that addresses your toughest security challenges, while gaining efficiencies across your systems and teams by standardizing platforms and implementing event-driving system automation. At MSSG we have the experience and expertise to integrate a wide range of monitoring and security systems, including event-driven automation of the following systems:

  • Intrusion alarms
  • Access control systems
  • Video surveillance camera systems
  • Fire detection alarms
  • Panic button alarms
  • Critical equipment/critical condition monitoring systems
  • Visitor Management
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Elevator controls and more

MSSG system integration team is comprised of highly skilled teams of security technology specialists dedicated to integrating and providing support for a wide range of security systems and software platforms. Our system integration solutions combine multiple systems to create a comprehensive unified security solution.

Electronic Counter Surveillance

For every organization, information is a vital asset and there are chances of leakage through devices like spying/bugging and illegal eavesdropping. The most common spying/bugging happens in meeting rooms, critical cabins, video conference rooms, executive vehicles, critical business locations. This can lead to serious reputational and financial loss to the organization.

MSSG’s Electronic Counter Surveillance service checks critical chambers (senior management cabins, conference/meeting rooms, board room, VIP vehicle, etc.) for the presence of electronic eavesdropping devices, to prevent leakage of sensitive information.

Our best in class counter-surveillance equipment clubbed with military-grade surveillance techniques of our ex-special forces officer of the armed forces have the required experience and ability to provide your organization a bug-free and secure environment for business operations. Our ECS activity is conducted full proof 4 ways of detection scans-Manual, Thermography, Active Bug detection and passive bug detection.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Fire and Electrical hazards are increasingly resulting higher risks to people and property. Fire Safety Compliant environment is the utmost need for the organisation to save their People, Asset and Information from the fire incidents.

After possession of Compliance endorsement from the Govt. Authority, it is also pertinent to check functionality of Fire Safety Controls and these are ensured by undertaking the regular Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

MSSG’s Fire Safety Risk Assessment services shall identify fire hazards, people at risk, observations & corrective measures, implementation and monitoring. Conduct of regular Fire Risk Assessments are recommended to ensure Fire Safety protocols are kept up to date in the facility.

MSSG has experienced team who has the effective approach and methodology to conduct the Fire Safety Risk assessments for the facilities- Commercial, residential, banking & financial, Education & Institute, Trusts / Clubs, Hospitality, Material & Data warehouses, data centres.

MSSG consultants conduct in-depth examination of an organisation’s fire safety management system(s) and associated arrangements. Assessment is systematic examination of the workplace to identify the hazards from fire and basic electrical safety.

Event & Executive Protection

Executive protection ensures the safety of those who might be at high risk for being a target for criminals, thieves, or even over-zealous fans by positioning a highly trained EP team near the individual at all times for Domestic & Foreign VVIPs.

MSSG’s Executive Protection team ensures safe & secure passage for the VVIP for his/her complete day schedule. Our ex- Special Forces officer are having decades of experience in providing Executive Protection and VIP Travel Management Services. Our team ensures route recce, route planning, medical cover, vehicle checks, briefing to the drivers as per VIPs travel itinerary.

MSSG’s executive protection professional provides high-level consultancy, planning and security services for domestic & international events, critical meetings, Sports, functions, seminars, and public events.


Employees are part of an organization’s attack surface and ensuring they have the know-how to defend themselves and the organization against threats is a critical part of a healthy security program. It is thus important to provide physical security awareness training to employees so that they are aware of the existing and emerging threats to themselves, their business operations, and the organization’s infrastructure. Hence a detailed physical security policy should be adopted by the organization which can be enforced and followed by every individual associated with the organization.

At MSSG, We believe that security awareness training should be implemented at different levels: general security awareness for all staff members, intermediate security awareness for managers and decision makers and in-depth security awareness for all employees involved in critical business operations where chances of security incidents are much higher.

These trainings are all about training employees to understand the risks and threats around the ever evolving Security world.

We organise the following trainings:

  • Physical Security Training
  • Travel Safety Training
  • Basic Fire Safety Training
  • Training for VIP vehicle Drivers
  • Disaster Management
  • Training for VIP Protection Team
  • Women Safety Training

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